4 month duration

General Calisthenics

No Level Needed

Is this plan for you?


In order to take this plan you are willing to make training an important part of your daily life, including everything related (sleep, nutrition, habits...).

You should have the availability to record your training sessions in order for us to give the proper feedback.


As this plan is custom, you choose your own objectives. Improving Calisthenics Skills, increasing Weighted Calisthenics...

What's included in the plan?

To start, you have to request a VideoCall with us in order to meet eachother and discuss the plan options. We will send you a form that you will have to fill and send it back to us. Then we will do the VideoCall.

Weekly VideoCall to talk about your feelings in the workouts and make needed modifications for the following weeks.

Weekly VideoFeedback to ensure a great performance in your workouts.

Resolutions of doubts or problems via WhatsApp or Mail.

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