5 week duration

Weighted Calisthenics

Beginner Level

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You should be able to perform 10 strict pull ups, 15 dips and a proper 70kg Back Squat. Correct form, no kipping and full range of motion.

You must have a Pull Up bar, a Dip Station and an equipped Squat Rack in order to perform correctly the workout plan.

Some exercises demand the use of Rings or TRX. Also, its crucial to have access to a weighted belt and plates.


This plan is designed to increase the strength and muscle mass for begginers in Calisthenics.

This plan lasts 5 weeks but should be repetaed for 3 to 6 months. Don't expect huge improvements in the first weeks.

With this plan you will become a complete weighted calisthenics athlete. Your lifts will surely improve.

What's included in the plan?

As said before, this plan lasts for 5 weeks but should be extended until you achieve a Pull Up RM of 50kg or a Dip with 75kg. The weekly frequency is 5 trainings/week between 1:45h and 2:30h.

With this plan, you will be working 3 days upper body and 2 days lower body.

How will the plan look like?

XCalisthenics Workout Plan

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