Pere Coll

I started Calisthenics in 2013 in a pair of rusty bars at my town. Some friends joined me and we decided to go to those bars every afternoon. That really changed my life… Since that day I have been working out and improving my knowledge and calisthenics skills.

In 2014 I took part in my first competition and in 2015 I competed in my first National Championship. Since then I focused in strength workouts in order to improve my statics and weighted calisthenics.

In 2016 I competed in my first International Championship, the “AllbarsGames 2016” where i took the first place in weighted pull ups.

The following championship was two years later, at the “AllbarsGames 2018” where I won the weighted muscle ups and I became second at the weighted pull ups.

In 2019 I managed to pull my actual record, a 110kg pull up, at the King & Queen of RM Spain where I became first. The next week Ricard and I went to Austria for the World Of Barheroes Championship where I became 2nd.

During my journey I have inspired & motivated many people to start working out.

Knowledges and Studies

– Aerospace engineering at UPC university.

– Programming and Web development skills.

– SEO skills.

Ricard Ponsi

I started practising Calisthenics in 2015, but my relation with sport is much older. I have been a football player for the main part of my life, where I learned about the discipline and constancy, values that are fundamental in daily life and Calisthenics.

My interest for Calisthenics began thanks that I met a freestyle athlete called Korash Kabir @flyingkorash. He woke up my interest in body control and I wanted to learn what he could do.

During the last years I have had the opportunity to compete in national and international events. In Calisthenics, more specific in Street Lifting, I have found a way to motivate myself and increase my strength. Thanks to my sanitary and sportive formation I have been learning more about my body and its needs, in order to program better workouts and nutritions depending on my objectives.

Knowledges and Studies

– Pharmacy Degree at Barcelona University, with mention in Healthcare and Clinical Analysis.

– Postgraduate in Pharmacology, nutrition and sports supplementation in the University of Barcelona.

– Trainer specialized in Street Workout and Calisthenics, by the Spanish Federation (FESWC).

Uri García

Since I was little sport has always been a philosophy of life for me.

My story with Calisthenics began in 2014 . I was a football player, a totally different sport in terms of philosophy and training. It was then when a friend of me and I started working out in parks, trees, or any structure we found. Even we combined these exercises with extra added weight!

In the world of Calisthenics, I have been competing nationally and internationally.

I have also had the opportunity to practice other similar sports such as gymnastics while studying the Sports Science degree at University. In my opinion the improvement of performance and health are key concepts along the connection of the mind.

Today, I am proud of helping many people achieve their goals such as enhancing their physical and performance capabilities. I also work in preventing and rehabilitating various injuries, physical imbalances or motor patterns.

Knowledges and Studies

– Sports Science Degree at Barcelona University.

– Master’s Degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Readaptation.

– Chiromassatist and Anthropometrist.