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1 Dec

Written by: Patrick 3133

Zercher Good Mornings Guide

Explore our comprehensive guide on Zercher good mornings, a powerful exercise for enhancing posterior chain…

15 May

Written by: Pere Coll 36900

Strict Bar Muscle Up Technique

The Bar Muscle Up. Probably one of the most technical and fundamental exercises in calisthenics.…

8 Oct

Written by: Workout Temple 5649

What is Calisthenics Workout?

Calisthenics is a training method that focuses on the use of one’s own body weight…

1 Oct

Written by: Uri García 11428

Front Lever Biomechanics

In the world of calisthenics, the Front lever is one of the elements that everyone…

18 Sep

Written by: Ricard Ponsi 4726


Most people can perform squats. These can be used for a wide variety of goals…

20 Aug

Written by: Ricard Ponsi 2765

How does the ketogenic diet work?

Nutritional ketosis is a dietary protocol whose objective is to improve our metabolic flexibility when…

17 Aug

Written by: Ricard Ponsi 2843

Basic Nutrition Guide

Nutrition plays an important role in activity and sport in order to achieve an optimal…

24 Jul

Written by: Pere Coll 5326

Resistance Bands Warm Up

Do you warm up before your workouts? Well, you should, because as you know warming…

19 Jul

Written by: Ricard Ponsi 4276

One Arm Pull Up Description

The one arm pull up (or its abbreviation OAP) is an exercise that very few…