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1 Dec

Written by: Patrick 4230

Zercher Good Mornings Guide

Zercher Good Mornings are a unique and effective exercise that combines strength, stability, and mobility work into one powerful movement.…

Who are we?

Pere Coll

I started Calisthenics in 2013 in a pair of rusty bars at my town. Some friends joined me and we decided to go to those bars every afternoon. That really changed my life… Nowadays I have inspired & motivated many people to start working out. I also compete around Europe in weighted calisthenics…

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Ricard Ponsi

I have always practiced sports, but I met Calisthenics in 2015. I have found a way to motivate and overcome myself while improving my strength. Thanks to my studies I have been learning more about my body and its needs, in order to program better workouts and nutrition depending in my objectives…

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Uri Garcia

Since I was little, sport has always been a philosophy of life for me. I discovered Calisthenics in 2014. Since then I have been working out and competing. I have studied Sports Science degree at University of Barcelona. Right now I am helping many people reach their goals and improve their health…

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