We’ve all heard of it, but does this chicken and rice diet actually help with weight loss?

Losing weight can be hard and unfortunately with so many diets to choose from, our options for weight loss just seem almost unattainable. But the nice part is, there are a lot of options, meaning one of those will work for you. So while it may be overwhelming at first, let’s take a step back and focus in on one of these diets. Long touted for its benefits to weight loss, the chicken and rice diet has been used and debated for a long time. Giving you a nice ratio of macronutrients and everything you need to fuel and power your body, this diet may be the one for you.

While other bodybuilding diets tend to take over the fitness world, most come and go. These diets can be seen as fads and while they work for some people, others tend to try them, give them up, and move onto the next. Some of these being keto, intermittent fasting, the paleo diet, and the carnivore diet are just some of the many diets bodybuilders may try. The chicken and rice diet, however, is a staple and for the longest time has been used by some serious mass monsters to see those gains they wanted most.

Steamed rice with fried chicken

Let’s take a look at the chicken and rice diet to see if this diet is really great for weight loss. While it does cover your nutritional bases, is this the best option for you to lose weight? Since weight loss can be hard, finding your niche and what works best is of the utmost important for your time and sanity. 

Benefits Of Chicken & Protein

When we talk about chicken, we are talking about protein. Since protein is the building block of all muscle, and that muscle is what we need to take over for fat, its fair to say that protein is incredibly important. But we all knew that.

What protein does, and essentially what a good piece of chicken does, is pump you with protein so you feel full for longer and limit your snacking. This will aid in weight loss and ultimately allow you to see those gains you want most (1). Since chicken also has key vitamins and minerals and can aid in other bodily functions, you really are getting tons of benefits with this lean piece of meat. 

Benefits Of Rice & Carbs

Now, to the second portion of this dish; rice. Rice is what can provide that all important fuel to give you energy and keep you powered through the day. More energy means more calories burned and that of course translates over into weight loss (2). With good digestive qualities, rice is a top choice for fueling your body for it won’t cause any stomach discomfort and can really work to give you the best chance at seeing results.

Chicken & Rice Diet: Does It Work?

Since we’ve broken this two part dish down, we should just lay this out simply. You get a healthy dose of protein with the chicken and a good source of carbs with the rice providing for great gains to satiety, growth, and recovery, and the ability to fuel your body with a good source of carbs. As a relatively low calorie meal packed with a great ratio of macronutrients (3), it is fair to say that the chicken and rice diet can affect weight loss.

A downside to this diet is the lack of taste and potential enjoyment as compared to other dishes. You still can lose weight by spicing up your meals and making fun and engaging dishes to enjoy. Looking to different spices, or even just adding some salt and pepper, is a good start that won’t add on extra calories and can still provide a healthy, hearty, and great tasting dish so you at least enjoy your meal. 

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Featured Supplement For Weight Loss

For those looking to expand their weight loss goals, it’s important to know there are supplements out there that can help you immensely. A protein powder can work to pump you with protein so you stay full for longer and snack much less. It will also help with muscle growth and recovery. Other supplements like pre-workouts and intra-workout BCAAs can boost your workouts so you burn more calories and have more energy to workout longer. But fat burners are great supplements to kickstart your metabolism and work to shed that unwanted fat so you see those physique goals you want most (4).

Wrap Up

The chicken and rice diet has been around for quite some time and is often used for those looking to lose weight. What this diet offers is a great source of protein in the chicken and a solid source of carbs in the rice to deliver a healthy dish able to work for your weight loss goals. When paired with the right training routine and proper supplementation, you are well on your way to seeing those weight loss gains occur. The chicken and rice diet is one to definitely try and don’t forget to add some spices for an engaging kick to that weight loss meal.


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