Exercise Description

What is the High Pull Up?

The High Pull Up or Chest to Bar is a very useful exercise for improving your pulling power, as the athlete will focus on pulling as fast as it can. The exercise consists on performing a regular pull up but instead of just passing the chin over the bar we need to reach as high as we can. The objective should be to pull until the bar is right under your chest.

This is an intermediate pulling exercise, as the power needed to perform one of these repetitions is similar as the power needed to do a Muscle Up or sometimes even more.

This exercise should be done using a bar and can be made easier by using an elastic band.

Technical Specifications

Some technical advice for the high pull ups is:

– The exercise path is not the same as when doing a bar Muscle Up. The intention has to be the same as when doing a pull up. In the bar Muscle Up the form is very different.

– The core and legs must be tightened at all times. If using plates, you need to squeeze the weight as much as you can.

– Even if you feel that you are not getting the height in the last repetitions it’s important to keep the intention to pull as high as you can.

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