Exercise Description

What are the Australian Pull Ups?

The Australian Pull Ups or Bodyweight Row is a back Calisthenics Exercise to mainly work your endurance. This exercise changes the vertical pulling angle of a traditional pull up to a horizontal pull.

The Australian Pull is such a great exercise because it’s very easy to change its intensity and can help beginners improve a lot in Calisthenics.

The exercise consists on hanging under a low bar or rings (which height is around the hips’ height) with straight body and your feet touching the ground. From that position, the athlete will have to pull until it touches the bar or reaches its full motion.

The intensity can easily vary as doing it in a higher bar will be easier, while using a lower bar will make it harder. The hardest possible way to do this exercise with your own body weight would be to place your feet higher than the bar height.

The grip can also vary, from using a close grip to a wide one, but the traditional way would be to use a grip slightly wider than your shoulders width.

Technical Specifications

– The feet positioning should be the one that makes the bar or rings place in the lower chest region on the highest part of the movement. You can place an object on the ground to hold your feet or get someone’s help.

– It’s really important to maintain the scapular retraction along the whole movement, paying special attention in the upper part.

Main Muscles Worked

This exercise if for upper body, but it will also have some impact in lower body muscles for stabilization purposes:

– Upper Body: Posterior deltoid, lats, biceps and medium and lower trapezium. Lower back as secondary muscle involved.

– Lower Body: Hamstrings and Glutes.


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