Exercise Description

Exercise Description

The Russian Dips is a Calisthenics exercise that aims to work the upper body in the parallel bars or dip station. The exercise is commonly performed body weight but you can also add external weight (plates or band) as resistance. It is not recommended adding lots of weight as the exercise can be very demanding for the shoulder joint. 

This exercise, apart from making you stronger in the regular dips, will help you improve the Muscle Up transition (in the rings and in the bar), as the movement from the Russian Dips is very similar to the one you need to do when doing the Muscle Up Transition. Therefore, this is a recommended exercise if you are learning or want to get better at Muscle Up transition.

Also, performing the Russian Dips will improve the shoulder injury resilience as you will be working in promising shoulder angles at a relatively low loads. That has great transference if working on rings.

Technical Specifications

– The Russian Dip exercise will start in upright position in the parallel bars or dip station. The next step is to perform the eccentric part of the dip as you would do in regular execution.

– Once you reach the bottom part of the movement (around the 90º of the forearm-arm angle) you will need to bring your elbows down to the bars. To do that, you will have to lean a little backwards. Try to perform this movement as controlled as possible.

– Now, you will need to go back to the bottom dip part position. Push with your arms while leaning forward so you will be able to rise the elbows form the bars and go back to the lower dip position. If you struggle with that part you can create momentum with your body and legs by leaning a little backwards and then forward rapidly in order to get your elbows back up. The smaller the momentum, the harder the exercise.

– Finish the exercise by doing the concentric part of the moment.

Main Muscles Involved

The main muscles worked in the Russian Dips are:

– The triceps

– The chest

– The anterior deltoid







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