Exercise Description

What is the Spider Biceps Curl?

The Spider Biceps Curl is a perfect exercise for targeting your biceps muscle as the back muscles are not involved in the lift. This can be excellent for Calisthenics Athletes as there are few exercises for just targeting this muscle.

As you may know, the biceps muscle helps in flexing the arms which is crucial in the pulling exercises. Also, for the straight arm Calisthenics Exercises such as the planche, having biceps like rocks is very important. That is why this exercise is in the Calisthenics List.

This exercise has some variations such as doing it with the Z-bar, a normal barbell or a pair of dumbbells.

The Movement

1- In order to perform this variation of the Biceps Curl we will need to lay on an inclined bench as seen in the picture or video. The task of the bench will be to have bigger range of movement (ROM).

2- The chest will be at the top of the bench and the toes of your feet will be touching the ground.

3- Lift the bar/dumbbells as you would do in a regular biceps curl. This time you will be mainly focusing on the biceps muscles without any body movement or shaking. The weight will probably be lower than in a regular biceps curl.