Exercise Description

What are the Front Lever Negatives?

The Front Lever Negatives is an exercise that consists in performing the eccentric part of a Front Lever Raise. In other words: it consists on lowering a front lever from the highest height possible to a regular hang position. All this has to be done in a Front Lever position without losing the form at any time and as slow as you can.

This exercise is great if you want to learn or improve the front lever. 

This exercise can be adapted in many ways; the athlete can vary the intensity of the exercise by changing from full front lever to single leg front lever o tuck front lever.

In the exercise shown in the video I am performing a small pike hold at the top which would not be included in the front lever negative but can also be great to improve the front lever.

Technical Specifications

1- The first thing to do will be to place yourself in the starting position, that as you can see in the upper video it’s a pike hold. To do that, you can jump from the box or platform you are in order to adopt this position.

2- Start going down as slow you can. Try to maintain a proper Front Lever position at all times, taking special look into NOT flexing your hips.

3- Don’t rush at any time of the movement and try to maintain the same speed at all times.

I would recommend to keep strict form as a priority, so if you feel it’s too hard, switch to an easier Front Lever variation.




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