Exercise Description

What are the Front Lever Raises?

The Front Lever Raises is an exercise that consists in performing dynamic Front Lever, starting in a dead hang position and pulling up to a pike hold. All this has to be done in a Front Lever position without losing the form at any time. This exercise is considered to be an advanced front lever exercise.

This exercise is great if you want to learn or improve the front lever. It can also be great to improve the muscle up, as we are seeking pulling power (speed).

The Front Lever Raises can be adapted in many ways; the athlete can vary the intensity of the exercise by changing from full front lever to single leg front lever o tuck front lever. The movement can also be half-bottom raise (until the horizontal position), a half-upper raise (from horizontal to pike position) and the full range (as seen in the video).

Technical Specifications

1- To start, you will have to hang from the bar. The height of the bar should be enough for you to stand.

2- Then, you will start pulling with straight arms and maintaining the Front Lever position until you reach the pike position.

3- After that comes the descent. Don’t rush too much (control the descent). It’s important NOT TO SWING in the lower part, as if doing that you will be omitting a very important phase of the exercise. A tip to avoid that would be not overcoming the vertical line in the lower position. See the video as I never reach the very bottom.

4- Make sure that the hip doesn’t bend along the movement.

I would recommend to keep strict form as a priority, so if you feel it’s too hard, switch to an easier Front Lever variation.


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