Exercise Description

What is the Bulgarian Split Squat?

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a great unilateral exercise that targets the lower body muscles but also engages the core muscles in order to maintain the balance. The exercise consists of elevating the rear leg into a bench or chair, so the squat is mainly performed with the front leg. The rear leg is only there to support for the balance. As this exercise is unilateral, it can be a great way to treat unbalances between both legs.

This exercise has some variations, as can be done by using a bar or a pair of dumbbells. At the beginning it may be easier to use the dumbbells for balance purposes.

This exercise is great for gaining strength and muscle mass in the quads.

At the beginning the Split Squat can be tricky as it takes some tries to learn the balance and the path of the movement.

In the videos shown, a step is used in order to gain extra depth.

Main Muscles Involved

The main muscle involved in the Bulgarian Split Squat are:

-Lower Body: Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings and Calves.

-Upper Body: Core and Spinal Erectors.

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