Exercise Description

What is the Tempo Back Squat?

The Tempo Squat is a variation of the traditional squat that consist on changing the speed of the movement by making it slower. This exercise is great for working the strength and technique in the squats as you can focus on the bar path and body movement.

This exercise has some variations, as the tempo can be done while moving downwards or upwards, being the most common the first one. It’s also common to mix the tempo squats with the pause squats. Common tempo times are 2 to 3 seconds.

Make sure you keep the air pressure along the whole exercise and release it at the top.

Main muscles involved

The muscles involved in the tempo squat are very similar to the ones in a traditional squat:

– Lower Body: Quadriceps, glutes, adductor (inner tight), hamstrings and calves.

– Upeer body: Spinal erectors, core (abdominal and obliques), upper back and lats.

For further Squat technique specifications see our post about Squat Technique.








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