Exercise Description

What is the Handstand Wall Hold?

The Handstand Wall Hold in one of the best exercises for practising the handstand technique as you can adopt a proper position without having to worry about the balance.

This exercise can be performed by facing belly to wall or against the wall, but we would strongly recommend doing belly to the wall as it will demand a better body position and technique.

Therefore, you should climb the wall as seen in the video and walk with your hands along the floor until you reach the handstand position.

Technical Specifications

– The final hands position should be between 10 and 15 cm from the wall and at shoulder width.

– Make sure your core is tight and legs are fully straight. If you adopt this position you will see that your feet comes off the wall.

– Your feet has to be pointing towards the sky.

– Head should be between your arms and your look should be between your hands.

– Make sure you push the ground and have the intention to touch the ceiling with your feet. See the difference in the video below.

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