Exercise Description

Exercise Description

The lean planche is a great Calisthenics exercise to improve the shoulder strength and scapular position for the planche. This exercise is so versatile that it can be performed by early beginners in Calisthenics but it also can be practiced if you are already able to planche in order to get better at it. The difficulty of the exercise will vary depending on how forward do you lean: the more forward the hardest.

You can also vary the hand width in order to work for different planche types (regular or maltese).

This exercise can be performed on the ground or using parallel bars.

Technical Specifications

The lean planche may seem simple to perform, but it has very important technical specifications that need to be followed:

– The hands should be positioned in a way that the wrist don’t hurt, as we will be leaning forward. I would recommend pointing the fingers outwards so the wrists can incline forwards with more ease. Normally, hands width is the same as shoulder width, but as said before you can choose to go wider in order to work for other planche types.

– The elbows need to be fully extended at all times.

– You should intend to rotate the arm so the biceps are pointing forward.

Scapular position should be in protraction. In other words, you want both the scapula bones to separate from each other (like hiding the chest). Shoulders should be in depression position.

Pelvic position should be Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT). In other words, you want to rotate your pelvis squeezing the glutes.

– Legs straight and toes pointing at all times.

Main muscles involved

Main muscles involved for lean planche are:

– Anterior Deltoid

– Serratus Anterior

– Biceps


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