Exercise Description

What is the Military Press?

The Military Press or also called strict press is a very popular strength exercise that consists on lifting the weight over your head with your arms without any with any pre-momentum. This exercise is typically performed standing but also has many variations such as performing it seated.

The Overhead Press is one of the best upper body exercises for building bigger arms and muscular shoulders.

Main Muscles Involved

The main muscles involved in the Military Press are:

Deltoids: Anterior (front) and Medial portions of the Deltoid. The Posterior part is not used as it’s function is to pull towards you and separate your arms spread apart.

Triceps: Used to extend your arms.

– Chest: The upper part of the pectoralis major (clavicular head) is used in the Military Press.

Trapezius Muscle.

– Core: The core muscles are also working on stabilizing the body along the whole press.

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