Exercise Description

What is the Planche Hollow Press?

The Planche Hollow Press is a great exercise for improving the straight arms strength. This exercise simulates doing a planche press (from maltese planche to full planche) but using external weight. This exercise can be done using a pair of dumbbells but also a pair of plates or even an elastic band.

The Planche Hollow Press will surely help in improving the planche Calisthenics exercise as you will be working not only the strength, but also the technique for the planche.

It’s very important to perform a good technique and periodization on this exercise as will cause a big strain in your shoulder tendons.

The purpose of the bench is to have more range of movement (ROM), as if lying in the floor we couldn’t reach a maltese position with arm at body height.

Technical Specifications

– Lay on a bench with your back and perform a hollow body position.

– Start with the dumbbells in the highest position of the movement and bring them down until you reach a maltese position (arms at body height). After that, push in order to reach the top position.

Arms need to be completely straight with elbows locked.

– You need to maintain the hollow position along the whole exercise, with slightly protracted back and tight legs.

– Head should be looking towards your feet.




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