Exercise Description

What is the Progressive Muscle Up?

The Progressive Muslce Up is an advanced Calisthenics exercise used to improve the Muscle Up power and technique. If you are struggling in the Muscle Up transition I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EXERCISE.

In order to perform a progressive Muscle Up you need to mimic the regular form of the Muslce Up, but instead of starting the pull at your maximum speed, you want to start the movement slowly. You need to pull stronger the higher you get. That way, you will start the Muscle Up slowly, and reach the transition at maximum speed.

Some more Specifications

– The intention of the Progressive Muscle Up is to reach the transition pulling as hard as you can. The restriction of starting the movement slowly forces you to accelerate very fast along the rest of the movement.

– Once you reach the transition, try to maintain the proper form and make sure you enter to the bar aggressively, making sure your chest is firmly over the bar.

This has huge advantages in your regular Muscle Up technique, as will help you to perform fast and aggressive transitions. 

For further Muslce Up Specifications, see our post about How to Improve your Muscle Up technique.









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