Exercise Description

What is the Eccentric Pull Up?

The Eccentric Pull Up is a very useful exercise for improving your pull up strength and technique, as the athlete can focus on the scapula position during the eccentric pull part. The exercise consists on performing the eccentric part of the pull (the way down) in slow motion.

This exercise can also be a great option for people who are learning its first pull up. In that case, place a box so you can start the pull up from the upper position and try to slow down the eccentric movement as much as you can (omit the concentric part).

Technical Specifications

This Eccentric Pull Up is an exercise that needs to be performed with an excellent technique, as will usually be an assistance to improve the regular pull ups. Therefore, here are four important considerations:

– Make Sure you keep the scapular depression and retraction at all times. It’s crucial to exaggerate those tho actions as we will be teaching our body how to properly pull.

– Make you the path you follow on the way down is the same you would follow to do a regular pull up, don’t separate too much or get too close to the bar.

– Make sure your legs and glutes are tightened at all times.

– Try to have the same speed along the whole pull.

For further Pull Up Specifications, see our post about 10 Tips To Improve your Pull Up.





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