Exercise Description

What is the Half Muscle Up (to transition)?

The Half Muslce Up or Muscle Up to transition is a Calisthenics exercise used to improve the Muscle Up transition technique. The transition is a crucial part of the Muscle Up so it’s very important to pay close attention to it. Therefore, If you are struggling in the Muscle Up transition technique I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EXERCISE.

The technique for this exercise is very simple: you just need to perform a regular Muscle Up but only up to the transition. The movement will end once the body is over the bar, omitting the push part of the Muscle Up (the final bar dip). You can adapt your regular Muscle Up sets to this new technique instead of adding extra sets for just this exercise.

Why is it so important?

The Half Muscle Up will make you get used to an aggressive transition. You will need to place your chest well over the bar when doing this exercise. This is an important aspect to pay attention to, as there are many athletes that will fail the Muscle Up due to the lack of chest placement over the bar.

– Once you reach the transition part of the Muscle Up, pull yourself towards the bar and place your chest deep into the bar. 

This has huge advantages in your regular Muscle Up technique, as will help you to perform fast and aggressive transitions. 

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