Exercise Description

What is the Pull Up Against Band?

The Pull Up against Band is a vertical pulling exercise which is perfect for improving the upper part of the pull up. The exercise consists on adding resistance to the pull up but instead of adding regular weight as plates (where we would always have the same resistance) we add linear resistance with the bands. This means that the higher we pull, the harder it gets.

This will make the upper part of the pull up much harder. That is great because that’s the part where most of the athletes struggle. 

Also, as in the bottom part the pull will be easier, it forces accelerating fast in order to have enough speed to reach the top with the higher resistance. This will also help you get the mentality of starting the pull up as fast as possible.

Setup & Technical Specifications

In the Pull Up against Band exercise it’s crucial to have a good technique as the main objective will be to improve the upper part, which in many cases will be a lack of technique + strength.

1- Tie the bands somewhere near the floor. In my case, I use weight plates in order to create the base for attaching the bands, but you can use any other way to do it. If you are training with someone else, you can help each other in stepping over the bands.

2- The resistance of the bands need to be challenging. It one band it’s not enough you should add more bands or fold the one you have. Try to remember the setup you will be using in order to have similar intensities in the following workouts!

3- Tie the bands to you dipping belt.

4- You can start to pull. Remember to start as fast as you can (keeping the technique). The most important part will be to maintain the scapular depression and retraction in the final part of the movement, so pay special attention to that part.

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