Exercise Description

What is the T-Bar Row?

The T-Bar Row is an upper body exercise that is great for gaining back pulling muscle strength. With this exercise you will also work the scapula retraction movement (bringing the scapula towards the spine).

There are many variants for this exercise, as it can be done seated or bend and using a machine or a barbell. Here we will be looking at the row that is performed with the T-bar, or using something that allows to grip the bar in neutral grip. In the video I’m using an 8-shape strap to simulate the neutral grip but you can you a gironda or “V-Shaped” grip.

During the exercise you need to lean forward with the bar between your feet. To load the bar it’s better to use small diameter plates such as 10Kg plates, so you can have larger ROM (Range of Movement). Make sure your lower back is tightened and in proper position at all times (no arch).

When pulling, make sure you don’t bend your legs or shake your body to lift the bar, If you are struggling with the weight is better to lower it and do proper form and maintain scapular retraction.

Main Muscles Worked

The main muscles worked in the t-bar row will be:

– Latissimus Dorsi

– Teres Major, Trapezium and Erector Espinae.

– Core Muscles, Glutes and Hamstrings.

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